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Automatic Supplier Catalog Management

Are you still manually updating supplier catalogs each time there’s an update? If so, you’re working the hard way!

Automatic supplier catalog management is as easy as this – it takes the hard work out of running your business, impresses your customers, and significantly increases customer satisfaction. You can get a whole lot more done, by doing a whole lot less admin work.

Each hour you spend tediously updating your pricing or products is an hour you could spend actively growing your sales (or sitting on the beach 🏝). That alone should be enough for you to want to jump on board but if you’re still not convinced, here’s 3 more reasons:

Supplier Catalog Management | Hoops | Screen Printing 1

All major suppliers are pre-loaded into your Hoops account. This means that all products from any major supplier are available to be quoted, including all pricing breaks, images, sizes, and descriptions. Hoops automatically updates these catalogs when a supplier makes any changes and you’ll even receive a notification each time one of your catalogs has been updated -Amazing huh?!

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Supplier Catalog Management | Hoops | Screen Printing

With Hoops catalog management your margins are always correct and accurate. So no more sleepless nights for you and no more losing money.

When you quote in Hoops, you can feel comfortable knowing that pricing and margins are accurate. You never have to worry about your sales team making costly mistakes – It’s just profit from now on in.

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Supplier Catalog Management | Hoops | Screen Printing

With Hoops catalog management, you can quote crazy fast! I’m literally saying you can quote a customer in less than one minute because the whole platform is completely automated. Your customers will be really impressed with your service and they can also completely visualize their orders. It’s so easy to convert more quotes using Hoops.

Businesses just like yours are thriving using Hoops. They are saving time, making more money, and gaining their lifestyle back. If you’re also looking to make your life and running your business a whole lot easier then jump onto Hoops and check it out. We would love to chat with you!

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