Embroidery Shop Management Software

Embroidery shop management software is the difference between a thriving embroidery business and a stagnant one.

If you want to take your embroidery business to the next level, convert more sales, grow your profits and make your job easier, you’ll want to keep reading!

When embroidery businesses think of software they immediately think of design software such as the Wilcom suit. But it’s not all about stitches and threads! Design software is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. It’s time to take the blinkers off and explore what embroidery shop management software has to offer you. 

The best way to explain the value of embroidery shop management software is to get you to start thinking about your current process. 

Embroidery Shop Management Software | Hoops

Embroidery Management Process Right Now

Usually the first step is a customer requesting a quote. 

 This is only the first step but already it’s a big job! You need to:

  • Search multiple supplier catalogs to find a product(s) that will suit your customer’s needs.
  • Find the pricing of that item.
  • Figure out the math behind your markup.
  • Calculate and apply your set up & decoration costs.
  • Format it to make it presentable and easy to read.
  • Export it / copy into an email and send it to your customer

What an absolute time wasting nightmare!

Now let’s look at this same process but with Hoops embroidery shop management software. 

Embroidery Management Using Hoops 

Embroidery Shop Management Software | Hoops
  • Quickly find up-to-date products in one centralised catalog
  • Have pricing, markup, set up costs and decorations instantly added for you. Just add colours and sizes.
  • Click send and deliver a beautiful, customised quote to your customer’s inbox.

And that’s barely even scratching the surface of how Hoops enables you to quote faster. You can duplicate quotes, send your customers multiple options in one quote, have quotes accepted online and much more!

But it doesn’t stop there either! Hoops embroidery management software makes every single stage of your workflow easy. Catalog management, quoting, invoicing, art approvals, job management & tracking, purchasing & receiving and team communication – it’s all faster, easier & more enjoyable with Hoops. 

Embroidery Shop Management Software | Hoops

Is Hoops the best embroidery shop management software tool for you?

Find out by booking a 10-minute discovery call with us.

On average Hoops saves users 30 hours per week in admin time and grow their profits by 30% within the first 6 months.

Whether you are screen printing, DTG, embroidery or promotional products business, Hoops has a solution for you. Start a free trial now. 

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