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Let’s face it, when it comes to the decorated products industry it’s a great place to run a business – it’s a huge industry, the growth is steady and everyone needs what you sell. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the workflow can be complicated. It’s a competitive environment, it’s time consuming and the margin pressure is very real – with so much manual labour and time consuming processes to get a job from order through to delivery. The workplace can really be a place of chaos and frustration. That is only of course if you do not have a streamlined process like automation in place to take the hard work away from you and automate the everyday tasks and processes.

Automation is key to running a successful and scalable decorated products business. In fact a recent study by McKinsey Global Institute states that automate could raise productivity growth by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually. We’ve seen first hand how automation has given an 85% increase in revenue for a screen printing business in the first 6-months of implementing Hoops into their business.

In this blog, we will give you our top 5 tips to automate your workflow with software and give you all the guidance you need.

1.Automate Your Quotes – Quote in Less Than 1-Minute 

When a prospective customer asks you for a quote, it’s a powerful opportunity to make a sale. In fact, if you can provide the customer what they want quickly with all the information they need, you may be able to seal the deal faster and more often than you usually do.

The great news is that Hoops automates this entire process for you. It allows you to respond to prospective customers while they are still on the phone. The quote is completely customised to your business, showcases images of all the products, details the products clearly, includes a price builder to automate your costs, margins and profits and gives the ability for the customer to proof online. This really shows your customer how capable and competent your business is.

Hoops Quoting Software

2.Automate Your Purchase Orders – Automatically Group Your PO’s

Purchase orders are undoubtedly a vital part of business and getting them right is integral for the custom product business operations. We know that it can be a bit of a pain when you have multiple orders to go through to one vendor – it’s incredibly time consuming. Not to mention that if you get the PO’s you lose a great deal of business. Manual purchase orders are hard work – they run the risk of human error and take up a huge amount of time.

Fortunately, you can now automate your purchase order process with Hoops in only a few minutes. It’s really straightforward. Here’s how:

  • Create quick POs for items on your jobs and carry all information through to the PO automatically
  • Automatically update PO and item status when items are ordered or received
  • Attach artwork files directly to items on the PO

There’s also a whole heap more. Find out more here.

3.Automate Your Job Management – Manage Your Orders With Ease

We’ve seen it all – printing shops managing their orders with post it notes on a white board, businesses adding multiple updates onto spreadsheets and other shops so confused, it’s hard to keep track of the status of individual orders. When a customer makes an order, they expect you to deliver, on time! It’s critical to the success of your business but with an ineffective management system in place, it can be very hard.

Having an efficient and effective job management system like Hoops will ensure your jobs are managed better than ever before. From online proofing through to production scheduling and status updates, Hoops automates the process and runs each job with ease from quote all the way through to delivery.

Software for Screen Printing

4.Automate Your Prices – Automate all Your Prices When Quoting

Without a simple way to create a quote, many businesses calculate margins, mark-ups and quotes with a pen and paper. This information is then manually written into the body of an email and sent to a customer. If you are one step beyond this, you may use a spreadsheet, calculator and input the information into Quickbooks. All of which is still very manual and labor intensive.

Now you can automate the entire process! The Hoops price builder allows for all prices to be automated when quoting. All the underlying elements that create a unit price are tracked in a completely unique algorithm to provide an easy and quick way for businesses to provide a sell price to a customer. All markups, costs & profit margins are tracked in the background which give businesses a never before seen ability to produce extremely powerful reports. Prices can be easily altered at any time during the quoting process which is an unprecedented level of visibility and automation for the market.

Hoops Business Management Software

5.Automate Your Catalog – All Your Products in One Place

Trying to view and showcase your products to customers can be hard when you do not have access to an online catalogue. Without access to individual products, you are not able to access the important details you need like order style numbers, colours, sizes, prices, markups and quantities. This is why so many businesses use a manual process to create a quote and purchase order for customers and vendors.

Thank goodness this can now all be automated. Now you can organise all of your product data effortlessly and find the products you need – all in one place. Not only can you view the catalog and individual items you sell in a beautiful and flexible interface, soon you will be able to import entire catalogs directly from the vendor to automatically populate the platform.

Business owners now have considerable opportunity to capture the full potential of software automations and the beneficial impacts on their business. Beyond enabling reduction in labour costs, automation can raise production potential, increase reliability, increase quality and increase satisfaction, among many other performance gains. It enables massive scalability for all size businesses and allows focus to be placed on the right areas, all while saving time and growing.

Realising the opportunity for software automation in your business is just the first step, ensuring you are using the right application is key. When it comes to the decorated products industry, there are so many tasks and processes that need to be undertaken for one single job. Now, instead of inputting information and undertaking each task manually, this entire workflow can be automated.

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