Print Shop Management Software

Print Shop Management Software

Are you considering making the move to a new print shop management software? First of all, congratulations! Forward thinking, proactive businesses like yours are the ones that thrive.

Most businesses in the promo industry often try to use a whole bunch of different softwares to manage their business and they don’t necessarily complement each other – in fact they are tedious and a lot of work to manage. For example, businesses can use Xero for accounting, Hubspot for CRM, Mailchimp for email marketing, excel spreadsheets for quotes and the list goes on and on. 

In this blog, I am going to give you a few tips to help you choose the right software to avoid making common mistakes. 

1. Does your software platform have the ability to integrate seamlessly with the other tools you are using?

Think of your print shop, you likely can’t produce every single type of decoration, so you outsource to other print shops, right?. Software is exactly the same. It’s near impossible for one software tool to do it all, so integrating with other tools enables you to seamlessly connect your entire process from A to Z.

There are two types of integrations, Direct and Indirect.

Direct integrations exclusively connect two software tools through an API connection. This is the fastest, most advanced type of integration possible. For example, Hoops is directly integrated with Xero and Quickbooks, which means you can securely send invoices and purchase orders to your accounting package.

Indirect integrations use a ‘middle man’ such as Zapier to connect two separate software tools. The benefit here is that you have access to many more integrations. For example, Hoops has over 3000 indirect integrations that allow you to seamlessly connect all your tools and eliminate repetitive data entry from your workflow.

Print shop management software | Hoops

2. What is the most important aspect of your business that needs to be managed? Find the tool that takes the majority of hard work out of your business as possible.

> If internal communication is a bottleneck, you need a tool that gives you a clear overview of everything you have going on. The software will become your hub of information, so it needs to be visual and easy to understand. You’ll want to be able to update status’ with the click of a button, mention your team in comments and allocate tasks to truly collaborate.

> If you find it difficult to keep track of your customers then you need a strong CRM component. Don’t be lured in by expensive tools filled with advanced features that you’ll likely never use, keep it simple and opt for a software that has simple customer history profiles where you can see customer details, previous quotes & jobs, notes, artwork & files.

>If you need a faster way to quote you’ll want a software that stores & manages your supplier catalogs for you. It should keep your pricing up to date so you only ever have to spend a couple of seconds adding your quantities, sizes and colours to your quotes.

No matter what you’re after, Hoops can handle it. Hoops was built specifically for print, embroidery and promo businesses, making it the fastest, easiest and best solution for your business. 

Print shop management software | Hoops

3. Can your print shop management software be used anywhere at any time?

One day you might be in the office selling coasters for the local pub and the next be selling face-masks and sanitiser from your lounge at home. In such uncertain times, your team needs the ability to work remotely so they can keep sales rolling in and ensure you are available to your customers whenever they need you.

Hoops is cloud based software which means you can access it from anywhere, at any time on any device. As there is nothing to download, it’s so easy for you to quickly jump in and take care of business (literally).

Print shop management software | Hoops

Is Hoops the best print shop management software tool for you?

Find out by booking a 10-minute discovery call with us.

On average Hoops saves users 30 hours per week in admin time and grow their profits by 30% within the first 6 months.
Whether you are screen printing, DTG, embroidery or promotional products business, Hoops has a solution for you. Start a free trial now.

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