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Quotes for Screen Printing

At Hoops, we know the importance of making a great first impression on your customers which is why we have made quotes for screen printing businesses fast to create, simple to understand, and visually impressive.

Quotes are one of the very first interactions with your new customers and must therefore convey a sense of professionalism, trust, and reliability. Quotes are a reflection of your business’s identity and provide an insight into how easy the wider business process will be with you.

If you are using old-school techniques or other inferior quoting methods, chances are you have already lost your leads to your competition before they have even looked at your price.

Quotes with Hoops gives your business a competitive edge and enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Hoops - Quotes for Screen Printing

How many times a day are you asked for multiple quotes by one customer so they can compare the cost per unit when ordering different quantities, or evaluate the difference in price if they were to screen print on the front only vs on the front and the back?

What if I told you, that you could create one single, beautiful, simplistic quote that covers it all – and you could do it in less than 1-minute?

Hoops | Quotes for Screen Printing

Multiple Option Quotes in Hoops are so easy to make and they simplify the whole quoting process for both you and your customer – but the benefits don’t stop there.

Quoting is a HUGE opportunity for your business, and when conducted strategically, you have the power to significantly maximise your profit.

Businesses often make the critical mistake of trying to appeal to their customers desire for value by driving down their price. But you shouldn’t be reducing your profits, in fact you should take this as an opportunity to maximise your profit. With Hoops, you can strategically use multiple option quotes to achieve this. By simply adding an additional option for a higher quantity or an option with additional decorations, you appeal to your customer’s desire for value, and motivate them to buy more from you – it’s win/win.

Even if they don’t choose to take up the offer, you will have made an impressive first impression and it will have only taken you a few extra seconds to make.

It’s time to give your screen printing business a boost. Sign up for a free trial of Hoops today.

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