What You Can Achieve With Hoops

Increase customer satisfaction.      Keep your customers in the know. Hoops allows you to keep your customers proactively updated at each point of their job.

Increase customer satisfaction by setting up customized tasks to alert customers as their order progresses.

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Increase Profit. A good business system increases profit through increasing sales and lowering costs. 

Hoops allows you to generate more customers, orders and conversions whilst elevating customer satisfaction and and loyalty. The system significantly reduces employee mistakes, defects, wasted time and focuses on operational efficiency and productivity.

Become more efficient. Overcome the challenges of executing day-to-day tasks & strategies using Hoops automation.

Create a workplace that is engaged, productive and loyal.  Form an open and communicative environment by connecting your team. Monitor productivity, progress and goals and understand where each task is in the job lifespan.  

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Grow Your Business. Increasing profit & building a bigger team are easy with Hoops.

Automate, simplifyy & analyse your tasks. Better manage your customer relations and dramatically improve your sales process. Hoops provides a complete set of tools for the entire job management process, sales and reporting.

Centralise your information. Keep artwork, files & notes in a central location, accessible from anywhere.

Add notes, send updates & keep your team/customers informed at all times. Store unlimited artwork and client data. Know your business better, keep all your information together.

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Beat Your competitors. Do things better, faster and more personably. Tackle the challenges easily and set your business apart.

Staying competitive is all about looking toward the future. Hoops is a key part of reaching your market and making things easier for your team and customers.

No more mistakes. Accurate data that you can lean on.

Simplify your data processes with automation. Customer relationship management, sales management, job management & more - manage your entire business.  Hoops makes business easy.