Features Embroidery Companies Love

Embroidery Software Job Tasks

Every job task in one place. Get granular with your workflow. 

Add tasks to create a simple, thorough management process throughout your jobs. Be proactive & keep your customers in the loop by linking automated emails to tasks.

Your workflow, your way.

Simple drag and drop interface with 20 levels of visual workflow. Manage your jobs effectively. 

Online proof approval

Online proof approval. Make the approval process quick & easy.

Get feedback and get your working proofs approved faster than ever before. 

Assure your customers of their designs, increase their satisfaction and send them a proof they can approve in one click.

More Features

Software Features Embroidery Companies Love


Hoops has recently launched some new and major updates and features to their software. Specifically designed software for embroidery companies, Hoops streamlines all the international processes, provides visibility to the entire team and improves operational efficiency and flexibility in the business.


Hoops provides everything you need to manage your business anytime and anywhere through a cloud-based business management software tool. No matter whether you are a start-up, a growing business or a larger company, Hoops provides all the features you need. From quick and accurate quotes through to a proof portal, workflow, job manager, purchase orders, a catalogue and CRM.


All the features implemented and updated in Hoops were built thanks to the feedback from clients, customers and industry professionals. This embroidery software is built to help you run your business and always drive profitability. Now you can focus on setting up and successfully administering and undertaking the important tasks in your business without having to worry about the repetitive ones that Hoops can easily undertake.


Below are some more software features and updates embroidery companies will love. Take a look at the major points and take your business to the next level by signing up for a free trial with Hoops


Embroidery Software Pricing System & Sales Tools


Significantly reduce the time it takes to quote and eliminate all of the complex pricing challenges with Hoops. Addressing both sales and production needs, you can create customised quotes and purchase orders in a matter of minutes easily and effectively.



Set Up What You Sell


Embroidery companies will love that the Hoops software system allows you to easily import and centralise all of your product catalogues in a short time-frame. No matter the brand, the product type, the number of products, the size and colour, you can upload all the information you need to use the simple tool. Understand your costs and measure your margins easily so that you can your profits and help to grow your business.



Embroidery Software Job Management Tools


Improve your communication processes, simplify the job management and workflows, allocate tasks and be proactive with your customers. Hoops easily and effectively manages all processes with features that were specifically designed to improve everyday processes and ensure you are always one step ahead.



Easy Automation  


Focus your time on the important tasks, improve and increase business effectiveness and scale growth using the Hoops automation tool. You can easily automate emails, receive customer updates, customise pricing and structure your workflow to create a successful and profitable outcome for your business.



Customer Relationship Management for Embroidery Companies


Hoops brings a host of CRM capabilities together. Store all your customers, and prospects information, add notes and comments, manage the entire process, send emails and significantly improve your satisfaction levels.



Hoops Software Integrations


Hoops software gives you the ability to integrate with other platforms including Xero and Quickbooks to achieve a higher level of productivity and efficiency. Automatically sync data across the different applications and create a better and easier experience for your entire team and customers.



Hoops has all the software features embroidery companies need to manage their business successfully. With the sales, CRM and production management capabilities all included in one powerful and easy-to-use application, you can drive profitable results.


Sign up for a FREE TRIAL and take your business to the next level with Hoops. Embroidery software to grow your business.


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