Software for Promotional Products Companies

Know your numbers. Hoops shows you exactly where the profit is.

Understand your costs and improve your profitability in real-time.

Hoops gives you the ability to measure your actual and projected margins so that when you sell your products you have instant visibility into the metrics that determine your success.

Crunch your numbers, get accurate pricing using Hoops
Online proof portal

Online proof approval. Make the approval process quick & easy.

Get feedback and get your working proofs approved faster than ever before.  Assure your customers of their designs, increase their satisfaction and send them a proof they can approve in one click.

A simple, powerful and easy workflow to know exactly where your jobs are at all times.  

Input work, navigate the workflow and customise job tasks to manage your business exactly the way you want and keep your team updated at all times.

Other features promotional products companies love

Software Features Promotional Products Companies Love


We work every day to build new and exciting features to make using Hoops the best possible experience for those using software for their promotional product companies. Each update is designed to make your entire team's processes easier, more efficient and helps you to easily achieve your business goals.


Hoops offers a cloud-based business management software tool that streamlines your internal processes and facilities job management from quoting through to approval and reporting, team communication and CRM.


Each individual user on Hoops has the ability to manage each job, assign tasks, create schedules and undertake each and every task required to deliver a positive experience both to the customer and the business itself.


The updates Hoops continually implement are based on the feedback from users and industry professionals to ensure we are always supporting the growth and management of our clients. Each software update is specifically designed to help promotional products companies to better communication processes, easily collaborate with the team and quote easily with a unique, robust and incredibly effective pricing system to ensure you are always driving a profitable outcome.


Use the featured updates below to take a closer look at some of the other major new features and updates of Hoops.


Promotional Products Software Pricing System & Sales Tools


Simplify the complex pricing challenges of promotional products companies by using the robust pricing system Hoops includes. It enables your team to effectively and efficiently manage and successfully execute an ever-changing pricing strategy.


Hoops offers the most accurate and quickest quoting system in the industry, further capture leads and also create purchase orders. You have the ability to administer these tasks at any time, update and track easily.



Set Up What You Sell


Easily set up all of your brands, your products, your styles, your sizes and all available colours with the easy-to-use Hoops catalogue tool. Using the inventory spreadsheet and decorations, you can upload all relevant information that allows you to choose each option when quoting easily and effectively. The catalogue can include a tailored pricing structure to ensure you are always generating growth and a profitable outcome for your business.



Promotional Products Software Job Management Tools


Ensure your team is always working at their highest level of productivity through automating your workflows, effectively managing your business with a range of different job management features and customising each task to be proactive and stay ahead of your everyday processes.  Improve communication, operational efficiency and easily work with your team.



Easy Automation  


Manage your entire software process easily through the Hoops automation feature so you can scale your growth and focus your time on the important tasks instead of the repetitive ones. Automate your emails, customise your workflows and structure your pricing to create the most profitable outcome.



Customer Relationship Management for Promotional Product Companies


Know your customers, keep track of their activities and build relationships with the CRM feature in Hoops. It allows you to identify new opportunities and address any problems faster. Create a profile for each customer, personalise information and manage each contact easily.



Hoops Software Integrations


Create a better experience and simplify the overall workflow with our Hoops integration feature including integrations with Xero and Quickbooks. Instead of using multiple platforms, Hoops allows you to achieve a greater level of quality and operational efficiency.



Hoops is the best way for promotional products companies to successfully manage their business using the industry-leading software tool. Manage and grow your entire business using all features designed specifically for promotional products companies.


Easily set-up and effectively drive growth with Hoops. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL and take your business to the next level.


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