Features Screen Printers Love

Send your customers to a professional and private online proof portal to approve their proofs.

They can approve, reject and leave comments.

A great way for your customers to interact with their job while also streamlining your workflow.

Online Proof Approval
Quoting for the decoration industry

When your customers ask for a quote for 50, 500 & 5000 pieces…

Tell them you can!

Quote multiple options and add simple subtotals quickly and accurately. You’ll win more jobs and your customers will love you for it.

Hoops quotes are a fast and flexible way to satisfy your customers.

Manage your workflow, your way.

Drag and drop between workflow stages to see the status of your jobs in a single view.

4 top levels of workflow and 4 sub-levels within each gives you full flexibility to run your business your way.

Other features that screen printers love

Software Features Screen Printers Love


The new and improved Hoops software for screen printers, promotional products, embroiderers and signage has a ton of amazing new features that have been specifically designed to make your internal processes a lot easier.


Hoops goes beyond business management software. When you sign up to Hoops, you will get access to tools that automatically streamline all of your internal processes including customer relationship management, complete job management from tailored quotes, to proofing and approval and reporting and analytics.


For all owners and team members, there is also a huge range of management features that help you better communicate, regularly update, easily collaborate and create a robust pricing system that enables you to quote under one minute.


The latest Hoops update was built on the feedback and input of our users and industry professionals. This screen printing software has been significantly tested and altered against end-user expectations and client needs and wants. You will spend a lot less time on setting up and administering and use more time undertaking the tasks that matter – the ones that will streamline your business and drive profit.


We have already outlined some of the features that screen printers will love and here are some even more features that will help take your business to the next level.

Extra Features Screen Printers Will Love with Hoops Software


Screen Printing Software Sales Tools


Revolutionise your business with screen printing software sales tools with the fastest quoting system, capture leads and generate purchase orders. Features your entire team can track and easily administer at any time. Here are some of the additional features your business will thrive with:



Set Up What You Sell


Reduce administration and easily set up all your brands, products, styles, sizes and colours with our inventory spreadsheet template and upload feature. Add all decorations easily, edit and update at any time. Find out more about our and decorations features for screen printers:


 Software Job Management Tools


Maximise your productivity, automate your workflows and effectively manage your business with features that will make yours and your teams life a lot easier. Here are the screen printing software job management features to improve communications and processes:



Screen Printing Software Automation


Improve and increase the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction through the Hoops software automation tools. Receive customer status updates, get internal notifications and generate in-system emails. Find out more about the screen printing software automation features here:



Know Your Screen Printing Customers


Get to know your customers and understand all of their wants and needs to significantly improve your satisfaction levels, improve your customer service and increase your sales. Know your screen printing customers with our Hoops software features:



Integrations with Hoops Software


Create a better experience and simplify the overall workflow with our Hoops integration feature including integrations with Xero and Quickbooks. Instead of using multiple platforms, Hoops allows you to achieve a greater level of quality and operational efficiency.




Hoops is the number one business automation solution for screen printers. Give your business the power to grow and sign up for our FREE TRIAL today.


Hoops is available to screen printers, promotional product, signage and embroidery businesses all over the world. 

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