Hoops Software Customer Success

Budget Screen Printing has saved 50-hours in admin tasks & processes per week.

Since adopting Hoops in their business, Budget Screen Printing have refined their business and completely streamlined their internal processes. They have seen a huge increase in job performance.

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Key Insights

30% Growth In 6-Months


22% Increase In Sales Conversions


66% Reduction On Time On Tasks


35% faster job processing time

Budget Screen Printing Success Story

Hoops Software Customer Success

In order to grow your business and eliminate mistakes, you’ve got to correctly structure your business processes. Work smarter, not harder, as they say. With Hoops, Budget Screen Printing is able to completely manage their business and respond to all needs in the workflow process at anytime. This has proven to be an extremely lucrative implementation. They’ve almost doubled their net profit and in just six months, increased conversion rates by 22%.

Budget Screen Printing offers a full range of screen printing, digital printing, sticker printing and customized printing services. They serve small businesses and large organisations across Australia, pioneering new ways to deliver the best price and highest quality to their customers. In just 4 short years, Budget Screen Printing has grown by over 3,000%. Such growth requires internal improvements to sustain the increase in staff, suppliers, leads, quotes and jobs.

We had to improve how we operated internally, remove clutter and get the basics right” “Our team needed the right tools, the right technology to improve productivity.” Charmaine (Owner) - Budget Screen Printing

Hoops Software Customer Success

Since implementing Hoops, Budget Screen Printing have refined their business and completely streamlined their entire internal processes. “We took away 15 daily tasks required for each job down to just one integrated solution,” says Charmaine. “Our average turnaround time is now 5 days shorter than it used to be – huge savings and a massive increase in job performance. It’s all done with less stress too!

Budget Screen Printing uses Hoops as their complete business management system with all their team accessing the system at anytime to gain the knowledge they need for each job.

Hoops helps the Budget Screen Printing team manage and communicate with customers at anytime and from anywhere. They’re able to nurture leads & opportunities and generate quotes that almost always create a successful conversion.

Hoops Software Customer Success

Charmaine says “Everything is now seamless, from lead to delivering the product and the entire customer management process.”

This newly streamlined customer management process has been a huge hit with the customers. “We’ve had amazing feedback! The proof approval process has been perfected and our customers just love how easy it is so communicate with us.”

Everything now happens faster. The time spent on each task has been slashed by 66% and the job processing time is 25% faster.

Hoops is now the core of our business process and strategy. In the long-term, it will support our growth, allow us to keep delivering brilliant service and, most importantly help us to achieve our business goals.” says Charmaine.


  • Significant improvement in productivity affecting the business’ total revenue with a growth of 30% in the first six months of implementation
  • Increased customer satisfaction without any further investment into marketing strategies
  • Lead to sale conversion rate increased by 22%
  • Doubled the size of CRM contacts through inbound inquiries
  • Increased motivation, innovation and satisfaction within the Budget Screen Printing team
  • Visibility into how each process affects the bottom line
  • Ability to analyse data and make improved decisions on future business strategies
  • Ability for the team to frame more relevant and tailored communication processes with prospects for more lucrative, long-term customer relationships


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