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We believe business can be easy.

We believe that small business can become big business.

We believe that you can make a profit and have your weekends too.

We understand the joys, the pains and the processes of decorated product companies.

We know how to simplify your workflow and help you focus on the things that matter.

Hoops is the tangible proof of these beliefs.



What is Hoops?

Hoops is an end-to-end business management solution built specifically for the decorated products industries.

Over 100 years of combined experience in the decoration industry helped create Hoops. Not only do we understand the challenges of these businesses, we've felt them ourselves. From garage setups growing into multi-million dollar companies, we've experienced hyper-growth first hand, we've jumped the hurdles along the way and we've watched inefficiencies bleed out profits. We've solved these problems - we've created Hoops to be an accessible, affordable and scalable solution to grow with you.

Centralize your communications, increase efficiency and give your business the platform it needs to grow.


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Hoops is a fully integrated business management system built specifically for retailers and wholesalers of apparel and printing services.

Hoops software enables users to manage the heart of their business by combining quotes, orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting in a single, reliable, complete business management system.


Why Hoops?

Hoops is quickly becoming the market leader for business management software and solutions for apparel and printing businesses.

Our company was created with a vision to change the business management environment in order to streamline the internal processes, optimise productivity, increase customer satisfaction and generate a substantial return on investment for our customers.

The Hoops software components work together to form a fully integrated business management system to unlock the full potential of your business. In a highly competitive and saturated industry, the right management system is critical to success.


Shaping How The Workflow Process Works

Our customers expect the best! They want to ensure their business goals are being met and continually growing. This is why we have developed the industry’s leading business management system because with growth comes change and with change comes better management.

It’s always an incredibly exciting time for our customers when they learn how to simplify their workflow process and turn their time into profit.
We are the industry’s leading business management provider and at the forefront of developing better solutions for businesses alike.